Ahoy, and welcome to mom(ish)!

Ahoy? I don’t even know where that came from and I should clarify that this isn’t a pirating blog, nor has anything to do with the high seas. Not saying that I couldn’t rock the hell out of an eyepatch though, because I totally could. The added bonus of having something to cover at least 50% of my tired ‘ol eyes is tempting. Which is a nice segway to properly explain why I’m here, rambling away about pirates and my sleep deprived racoon eyes, and that is to bring you this fantastic blog; and not just any blog, but a mom blog.

I know, I know, another day, another mom blog. But fear not, this blog shall not disappoint, or my first born is all yours.  Damn there were a crap ton of “blogs” in those last few sentences. I promise not to say blog again…oh shit sorry for that last blog. This is harder than it looks! Bliggity, bloggity, boo! Ok. I got that out of my system. I digress. I am here to introduce you to my latest labor of love, and without further adieu I bring you,  mom(ish)!

As this particular labor had nothing to do with hourly cervical checks or any of the other horrors of childbirth, makes me cherish this effort all the more!

Here at mom(ish) we strive to bring entertainment and lols about this circus called parenting. That sounds way fancier than it really is. There is no “we”, just little old me, sat in front of my computer at 2pm still rocking the hell out of my Star Wars pj’s and greasy mom bun while my little minion obliterates the house faster than a rock band in a hotel room. Except she isn’t fueled by booze and coke (hopefully), so it’s pretty impressive the carnage she is capable of creating in just a few unmonitored minutes.

 Never trust a silent toddler.

It’s the total mayhem of parenthood that has inspired me to write about it. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m gonna let it all hang out.

Warts and all.

Actually that’s where I draw the line, should I ever get warts I pinky promise to not let them all hang out for your viewing displeasure. That is where this blog comes in, to document being a mom and all the ish in-between. Initially I was going to go with the super subtle, “mom shit” title, but I didn’t want to disappoint any fetishists from their very specific Google searches. Thus, mom(ish) was born.

So sit back, relax, unbutton your pants (in an Al Bundy way, NOT Peewee Herman plz) and enjoy a tongue in cheek peek at life after the epidural!